EPT Loutraki: Day 1A, Level 3 & 4 updates (100-200, 25)


4.54pm: Break
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4.52pm: Deppe and Kapitonov play out a strange one
"I can't fold," said Eduard Kapitonov. He didn't, he called and won. That's the end result but how did we get here?

Kapitonov had opened under-the-gun for 600 and had been called by Dominik Nitsche on the button and Robert Deppe in the small blind. Kapitonov made a c-bet, a tiny 200 min-bet, into the Q♠2♦5♦ flop and Nistche passed his hand.

"I'm gonna find out," said Deppe and made the call.

loutraki_day 1a_robert deppe.jpg

Robert Deppe, beard included

Both players checked the 2♥ turn before Deppe check-raised the 4♦ river from 700 up to 2,875. Kapitonov made the call and showed Q♥A♦ to Deppe's 8♥7♦ air ball.

"I think he extracted the most value out of my eight-high," said Deppe.

"I know when I'm beat," said Nitsche, referring back to the min-bet on the flop.

"So do I but it doesn't mean that you can't win," replied Deppe. Floating out of position with eight-high might make that target a little harder though.... -- RD

4.40pm: What are you leading for?
Looks like we've got ourselves a leader: the Greek Challenger Alexios Zervos just took down a monster to move his stack up to about 90,000. The bet-sizing here is a bit wonky, as it was being viewed through the corner of this reporter's eyes as another (less-exciting) pot was brewing elsewhere. But here's the gist.

Chris Moorman opened the pot from early position and Stamatios Gonidis called from a couple of seats to his left. Zervos, one seat further round, three bet, but even that wasn't the end of the pre-flop action. Panagiotis Pantazis, in the small blind, four bet to about 3,000 and that persuaded Moorman out the way. Gonidis and Zervos went nowhere, though, and took a flop.

loutraki_day 1a_chris moorman.jpg

Chris Moorman

The first three cards out were 4♠Q♠5♣ and Pantazis checked. Gonidis also checked, but Zervos bet 4,700. Pantazis didn't dwell too long before announcing that he was all in, which was finally too much for Gonidis. But Zervos, who had his opponent's shove (about 20,000) comfortably covered, made the call.

Zervos turned over A♥Q♥ for top pair, and that had connected far better than Pantazis's [10d][10s]. Zervos faded the two outs through turn and river and was sent to the door. Zervos's challenge is taking shape. -- HS

4.35pm: Another over shove
The over-bet shove seems to be the in vogue move in Greece. So far I haven't witnessed any of the shoves being called, and that includes Evaggelos Vrakas' shove on Zimnan Ziyard just now.

The action was three-way to a Q♣5♠7♠ flop and Ziyard bet 4,275 when the action was checked to him on the button. Vrakas was in the big blind and quickly raised to 12,000. The third player folded before Ziyard called to see the 3♣ turn.

There was around 30,000 in the pot by now and the Greek moved all-in for a little less than 60,000. Ziyard had around 50,000 left and went into the tank for so long that he called the clock on himself. The clock reached zero and is hand was deemed dead. Ziyard was allowed the opportunity to choose one card from his opponent's hand and he flipped up the 5♥. -- MC

4.25pm: Horecki double up
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki is on a road to recovery after doubling up with aces over ace-queen. The Polish pro is up to 12,000. He's still got some way to go. -- RD

loutraki_day 1a_marcin horecki.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki

4.18pm: Moorman five-bet
Chris Moorman has tussled with Israeli Yosef Kashi a couple of times today and it was Moorman coming out on top in this most recent skirmish.

Kashi opened from the button and was three-bet out of the big blind by Moorman to 1,500. Kashi came back over the top for 4,650. Moorman cut his chips, separated a couple of different stacks and five-bet to 10,000. That was enough to take the pot as Moorman moved up to around 40,000.

Across the table Alexios Zervos is up to 54,000. -- RD

4.10pm: Latecomers
Poker lovebirds Ana Marquez and Bryn Kenney have just showed up, two levels late. That swells today's field to 145, several of whom have already bust before the new arrivals sat down. -- HS

loutraki_day 1a_ana marquez.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez

4pm: Three kings
Shannon Shorr hasn't come all this way to fold every hand, and his chip stack is fluctuating in keeping with someone playing a lot of small pots. He's down to around 26,000 at the moment though, having just run into the top set of Nikolaos Sotirakopoylos.

Tonio Roder got things started, raising to 500 from the cut off. Shorr made it 1,200 from the button and Sotirakopoylos called from the big blind. The three of them went to a K♠8♥2♥ flop and it was checked round to Shorr, who bet 1,300. Sotirakopoylos now reached for 2,700, a check-raise, which got Roder out the way.

Shorr, however, called taking them to a 6♦ turn. Sotirakopoylos led at that, for 4,500, which Shorr called. That brought a 2♣ on the river. Sotirakopoylos bet 7,000 and Shorr insta-mucked. Sotirakopoylos showed him K♥K♦, confirming Shorr's read. -- HS

3.55pm: Snippets of action

  • Michael Telker is up to 44,000 after hitting trip queens. He called an Antonios Papadopoylos raise while sat in the big blind. The two were still involved at the river where the final board read 8♦Q♠3♠T♥Q♦. Telker bet a pot-sized 3,000 and was called. He tabled Q♥7♥ and took the pot as his opponent folded.
  • Joe Elpayaa is on 44,000 chips. He was involved in a raised five-way pot but only he and Joseph El Khoury were left in by the river. The board read J♥5♠6♣T♥7♦ and both players had jack-eight.
  • PokerStars qualifier Tamu Kero was in hysterics as he gave up his hand to Spyridon Dimotsantos with the board reading 3♣2♠Q♥A♠. The reason for hysterics? The man from Greece shoved for 25,600 from the small blind into a 9,000 pot. It takes a lot to get a Finn to laugh to the point Kero just was. -- MC

    3.50pm: Champ update
    "Bluffed a couple of times, got 37k now. Don't regret my play just would have preferred to win." - David Vamplew's twitter account, @davidv1213

    Kent Lundmark appears to be in for the long haul with a healthy stack of chips and the beginning of a book about the Hells Angels. -- RD

    LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100-200, 25

    3.45pm: No no Nanos
    Konstantinos Nanos is as close to a celebrity as they come in Greek poker. His third place at EPT Vienna, for €265,000, was one of the biggest scores secured by any Hellenic player, and he's been tracked through the early stages of his home tournament by several local film crews.

    His countryman Christos Koyfogiorgis, however, has got Nanos in his sights. He just played, and won, two pots against him.

    Koyfogiorgis took down the first on the turn, staring at a board of K♠7♥3♣2♣. Nano bet 1,150, Koyfogiorgis raised to 3,000 and that was good. And then on the next hand, Koyfogiorgis raised to 400 from the cut-off and picked up the calls of Jason Wheeler and Nanos in the blinds.


    Konstantinos Nanos

    The flop came [10d]A♥3♦ and Wheeler led for 625. Nanos called, but Koyfogiorgis made it 2,000. That was too rich for Wheeler, who let it go, but Nanos was amenable. They went to a 7♠ turn. Nanos checked Koyfogiorgis bet 4,500 and after an agonising few minutes in the tank, Nanos folded. -- HS

    3.43pm: Really?
    I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't heard it.

    "I don't play much online anymore. It's mostly live these days," said Dominik Nitsche.

    It's probably a matter of relatively. What most people would consider 'much' is likely to be very different from Nitsche's consideration. -- RD

    3.32pm: They're all at it
    Two rivers, two bluffs.

    Stefan Petrov picked off one bluff with bottom set on a 6♣3♠A♥J♣9♥ board to chip up to 50,000 while Evaggelos Armpatsis tank-called a 10,700 bluff from Mats Gavatin. The EPT winner mucked to leave himself with 10,075.

    EPT Player of the Year Fernando Brito is another early exit. Not in his seat, not in the game. -- RD

    3.25pm: Moorman lets one go
    Chris Moorman is going along steadily on 35,000 despite releasing his hand on a T♠K♥4♠ flop. The British online sensation, who reached $7.5 million in lifetime online tournament cashes this past Sunday, led for 1,350. Yavor Tutev was sat in the next seat along and bumped the action up to 3,250. Moorman shook his head and folded.

    Ken Lennard was sat at this table before he busted and Moorman filled us in that he had top two-pair to middle set in his elimination hand. -- MC

    3.15pm: iAction
    At the start of this hand, table 14 looked more like a park bench, an airport departure lounge or an advert for Apple than a poker game. Steve O'Dwyer was intently examining his iPhone, Richard Toth was reading a book on his iPad, and Thomas Hagmann was rolling an iCigarette.

    Neither O'Dwyer nor Toth found anything interesting enough on the two cards they were dealt to lift their attention from their iAppliance, but Hagmann tucked his iFag away to raise to 475 from the cut off. Shannon Shorr, gadget free but wearing a suit, called from the small blind and Adria Balaguer called in the big.

    loutraki_day 1a_richard toth.jpg

    Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth

    The flop came 3♣[10h]5♦, which both blinds iChecked. Hagmann bet 850 and only Shorr called. The turn was 6♦ and Shorr led out for 1,800. Hagmann called. The 3♦ rivered and Shorr kept up the aggression. He bet 4,600. Hagmann folded.

    After some early carnage, things have slowed slightly. With buy-ins now closed, the tables have been consolidated and they are nine-handed across the board. --HS

    3.05pm: A glance at the floor
    In absence of any major clashes let me fill you in on some minor goings on:

    - Domink Nitsche has joined David Vamplew and Kenny Hallaert at one of the tougher tables of the day. Nitsche fills the seat directly to the left of Vamplew.

    - Chris Moorman takes some time deciding whether to bet his Q♦Q♥ on the river of a 2♥5♣K♦8♣9♦ board. He decides against it, checks and takes the pot.

    - Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki is performing his usual Darth-Maul-on-his-day-off impression.

    - Steve O'Dwyer is down to 13,000 and spinning through his iPhone playlist.

    And as a bit of additional info it's looking like the total number of Day 1A players is going to be 143. Confirmation pending. -- RD

    2.55pm: Those who didn't return
    Registration has now closed so we'll be able to bring you final player numbers for today as soon as that information is released to us. Those who make up that final number but will not be returning for level 3 include: Georgios Karakoysis, Ken Lennaard, PokerStars qualifier Stavros Kalfas, Georgios Petasis and Aineias Protopapas. -- MC

    2.45pm: Level 3 begins
    The players are back from the break and Team PokerStars blog is back from a quick trip to the buffet. If the resort offer you three meals-a-day with your room it would be rude not to make the most of it. Just try stopping Rick Dacey!

    The plan for today is to play another five levels (seven in total) and no dinner break. -- MC


    Pierre Neuville is always happy to be in attendance

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