How to say "Where is a fun bar?" in Spanish, and other details

women_thumb.jpgWith the Grand Final in Madrid just around the corner, May 7-12 to be exact, it's time for all of us to brush up on our Spanish a bit. So here are a few words you absolutely must know: cerveza (beer), bano (bathroom), muchas gracias (thank you), and lo siento (I'm sorry)--and here's hoping you don't necessarily need them in that sequence. But beyond that, your handy guidebook with useful Spanish phrases (or your phone app) should stand you in good stead. I know that I plan to mainly point at the tapas menu items while asking for "una grande vino," and smiling a lot.

There is more to Madrid than bars and tapas however. There is also poker, and lots of it. In case you haven't heard, it just so happens that PokerStars is putting on a tournament for women only called the PokerStars Women Live EPT Grand Final. And there are a few changes that make this tournament a bit different from some of the major women's events of the past. For example, for the first time, PokerStars is offering a lower buy-in of €550 instead of €1100, which should attract a larger field and make it accessible to more players. We are looking forward to meeting lots of new players and bringing all the news from Madrid to players around the world.


The two-day tournament starts on Wednesday, May 11 and runs through Thursday the 12th. You don't want to miss this tournament and this city, so take advantage of the last round of satellites to win your seat this weekend. Tournaments are running now through Saturday for the final this Sunday. The package is worth €1,050 and includes the €550 tournament buy-in, plus €500 in cash for expenses. In addition, qualifiers will be invited to a welcome drinks reception, receive a goody bag, and attend the exclusive EPT party.

And did I mention that the tournament is being held in one of Europe's most cosmopolitan, non-stop, party towns? The night life doesn't really get going in Madrid until after midnight, so there's plenty of time to work in all the tournaments you want to play and still enjoy the incredible nightlife that Madrid has to offer. But time is short to join the party. Qualify this weekend, if you haven't already, and we will see you in Madrid!

Last but not least, here is how you ask for the fun bar: "¿Dónde hay un divertido bar." Just don't blame me if you have too much fun and wind up having to ask "Where is the embassy?" I don't have the app for that.

For more details on the tournament see: PokerStars Women Live .

Rebekah Mercer
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour