EPT Berlin: The big one (for me)

ept-thumb-promo.jpgEPT Berlin. The Big one. For me.

Often I went deep in tournaments but did not quite get the result I expected. But it never hurt more than in Berlin. One year I got a big stack of chips and then made a superb hero call for it. He had the nuts.The next year I got a big stack of chips. Then I got it in with over 90%. He rivered two pair.

But this year I am going to win it. No doubt.


And Berlin is going to be the best place to have that celebration. That ONE TIME has to be in a city where I can choose the music I want to hear, the drinks I want to have, the price I want to pay and still have a couple of options to go out.

Even close to the Casino and Hotel there are a few choices. Rebuilt not long ago the Potsdamer Platz features modern architecture that I can accept and a few places to dance that are ok. I rather go shopping there or to the movies at the Sony Centre and get my portion of indie later, but for a poker tournament it's a fine place.

For a meal I go across the street, a burger or fine dining at the Hilton. They say Berlin is the best place to have a Döner. A German/Turkish dish. But with the choice of food in Berlin I would eat that one in Mannheim and instead go for the small international restaurants. For example the Taiwanese Lemongrass in Anklamer Str. is a good example. Just off the grid multikulti flair that makes Berlin what it is.

Before the tournament starts I'll go for a tour at the Pergamum museum. That will root me to old mythology and make me unbeatable. Probably not. But it's a great place.

A quick change of clothes, as the German casinos often feature a coat and tie policy not seen in American casinos. They are a little less stiff nowadays with the poker crowd, but a shorts and tanktop style that would not lift an eyebrow at the Rio in Las Vegas does not get you in.

Sitting down in my scarf I will play that analytical German poker, right in between the ego + math American and the ego + maniac Scandinavian. If you subtract that, I am going to be a math-maniac. That gets you far. Or not.

All in all it is going to be a big one. For everybody.

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George Danzer
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