EPT Deauville: Mitchell, Dempsey and Frankland, short stacks looking for action

ept-thumb-promo.jpgKara Scott is sat in seat one at table seventeen which just so happens to be the seat closest to the entrance and the first spot which spectators who have managed to make it past security reach. Consequently there's more people lolling around on the rail near Ms Scott than most. Proximity, that must be the only reason for Frenchman to rail her. I can't think of any other logical explanation.

A couple of seats around from her is Mathew Frankland, a winning online pro from the UK who enjoyed a couple of deep runs in the EPT last season, most noticeably here in Deauville where he was battling for the chip lead for some time. He finished up in 28th for €20,000 but even making it that far is looking like a tall order right now, he has about 10,000 of his starting 30,000 left.

ept deauville_day 1a_mathew frankland.jpg

Mathew Frankland: surely not a nit?

As Frankland check-folded to a bet on a J♣Q♣Q♠J♠5♦ board a couple of other Brits zoned in on the table; James' Dempsey and Mitchell, who hold $3,000,000 in tournament winnings between them.

"I've got 5k," said Mitchell angling to see how much Frankland had left after the hand. It was around twice as much. "I'll give you three-to-two."

ept deauville_day 1a_james mitchell.jpg

James Mitchell

Frankland didn't seem to mull the proffered prop bet over for long before saying: "No, I'm gonna fade it."

Both Dempsey and Mitchell quickly returned to their tables eager not to miss the next hand with an audible 'Nit' fired at Frankland from one of the two retreating players.

Dempsey, now back in his seat, lent back over towards Frankland and called out: "If James Mitchell offers you a prop bet you're getting on the wrong end of it. Pretty sharky."

ept deauville_day 1a_james dempsey.jpg

James Dempsey

While Dempsey's advice may be sound it should also be noted that he didn't pipe up until after Frankland had turned the offer down. Then again, Mitchell would hardly be thrilled if he had waded in uninvited.

Scott sat quietly through it all, smiling for most of it, perhaps wishing that Frankland had taken the bet. Having a good player on your left shackled by a chunky last longer bet is never a bad thing, especially if you know and can abuse it.

ept deauville_day 1a_kara scott.jpg

Kara Scott

It was a good call by Frankland. He busted shortly after.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour