EPT8 Monaco: The men in the white suits


There are TV cameras everywhere in the tournament room. Some roam freely, picking up B-roll which will presumably make for some useful footage somewhere in the near future. Others pick out particular players, footage that will be spliced into interview footage of them later. Then there are the vanity cameras, hired to follow one particular player around all day, like the crew that just arrived with Boris Becker is in his silver Shelby that growled its way up the drive way to a parking spot by the door.

While they're easy to spot, and difficult to avoid, there are two players in particular who are standing out from the crowd- Taylor Paur and Jake Cody -dressed as they are in white suits.

Paur, who played the back half of the season, has had a good year so far, cashing in Madrid and Berlin; going deep in Spain narrowly missing the final table in 13th place. Cody meanwhile has a tournament record you'd expect from a Triple Crown winner with wins all over the place.

Then they played the high roller in Berlin, weaving in some end of season hijinks, and started getting weird, as Cody explained.

"Me, Taylor and (Chris) Moorman were in the high roller in berlin," explained Cody, looking sharp, except for a pair of trainers. "We thought just for fun we'll have a last longer; not for money, something silly instead. First we decided the person who busted first has to bleach their hair blond and wear a white suit (that was Paur). The person who busts second either has to wear a white suit or bleach their hair blond, which was me. I decided to keep the hair."

The result is that Cody keeps his shock of black hair, while wearing the suit, a decision about as difficult as choosing between a Ferrari and a ten year old Ford Fiesta, while Paur's hair is to within an inch of peroxide. He also wears the suit.

The choice is yours

But as far as punishments go, a decent white suit doesn't really sound too severe. Cody agreed.

"It's a good location for it," laughed Cody as he checked up on Paur at the break.

Who knows what else they have planned, although the way these guys prop bet the player out first might have to wear some really nice comfortable shoes.

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