EPT8 Copenhagen: Weisner earns herself a sausage as the bubble bursts

ept-thumb-promo.jpgThe bubble has burst, ten players have departed with money in their pockets and Melanie Weisner is back into the chip lead of EPT Copenhagen. And how does the New Yorker celebrate that achievement? She goes for a PokerStars Blog approved hot dog. Good on you, Melanie.


Melanie Weisner playing kissy face with our snapper

In the lead up to the last break we lost ten players post bubble popping:

39. William Paschall, DKK60,000
40. David Hrdlicka, DKK60,000
41. Alber Hanna, DKK55,000
42. Henrik Sorenson, DKK55,000
43. Nick Bogaert, DKK55,000
44. Anders Andersen, DKK55,000
45. Jan Molby, DKK55,000
46. Simon Ravnsbæk, DKK55,000
47. Kenneth Laursen, DKK55,000
48. Nicholas Holmes, DKK55,000

Shortly after busting Kenneth Laursen with jacks trumping deuces Weisner was back into the fray. First she three-bet a 6,400 cut-off open from Steve O'Dwyer up to 15,500, he passed. Next up on the block was Magnus Hansen.

ept copenhagen_day 3_steve odwyer.jpg

Steve O'Dwyer is chasing his second EPT final table this season

Weisner opened to 6,000 and was three-bet to 17,500 by Hansen out of the small blind. O'Dwyer passed in the big blind leaving Weisner to make the call in position. Hansen led 19,000 into the T♥T♣K♣ flop and Weisner, tongue literally in cheek, raised to 46,600. Hansen pulled out a large stack of blue chips totalling 100,000 with one hand, the other continued to play with a stack of black chips. Both Hansen and Weisner were riffling at this point, the speed increasing with the tension. Hansen pushed out the call.

Hansen slowly checked the 9♦ turn card by lowering his entire right arm down to the felt with a fist clenched as if it was the lever of an old one-armed bandit fruit machine. Weisner continued her aggression with a 75,700 bet and Hansen passed. The New Yorker allowed herself a small smile and raked in the pot pushing herself up to 575,000. A bigger smile was to come.

ept copenhagen_day 3_melanie weisner.jpg

Melanie Weisner and David Vamplew (background, pulling 'Blue Steel')

Rupert Elder appeared on the rail joining fellow EPT champ David Vamplew. "Do you want to go to the hot dog place?" asked Elder. Weisner seemed thrilled by the prospect. In a vacuum of any other indicators it could be a good way to judge how big a player's personal tournament expectations are: if they get more excited about going to the service station across the road for a snack than they do by winning a chipleading pot then you've probably found yourself one cool and collected customer. Hot dogs for the win. Check our live feed for EPT Copenhagen news as it happens, chip counts and the payouts (all listed in Danish Krone).

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour