EPT8 Copenhagen: Weisner leads as charge for the money begins


David Vamplew and Rupert Elder went to Noma two nights ago, officially the best restaurant in the world, where the two former EPT champions had a table booked after a three months wait. You don't order food at Noma, you eat what you're given and enjoy it. Apparently it was good.

Then yesterday they were both spotted at lunchtime in line at the service station to buy sausages, following the one they'd had earlier for breakfast. There's no message here, other than that it's nice sometimes for things to be different, but you eventually return to that which you know best.

That's how it went at the start of EPT Copenhagen earlier this week. Everything was smaller than usual, with none of the crowds of past events. It was a curious scene and fun for its novelty. But now going into Day 3 things seem back to normal. By this stage it doesn't matter how many players started, it's all about those left, and how good they are.

On that front the bulk of those left from this event are just that. Led by chip leader Melanie Weisner, the cast returning today could not be accused of being light weight, including such talents as Simon Ravnsbaek, Kevin Iocafano, Pierre Neuville, last year's winner Michael Tureniec, Juha Helppi, chips leaders from Day 1A and B Steve O'Dwyer and Mads Wissing, Mickey Petersen, Luca Pagano, Jan Molby, Johnny Lodden and Martin Staszko.

Chip leader Melanie Weisner

Conveniently there are enough unknown quantities tucked in between them to mess up everything.

From the starting field of 299 just 72 players remain. The first hurdle will be the money bubble which bursts at 48 players remaining. From then it's a straight race to make the final three tables. When just 24 players remain play will stop for the day and those inclined will taxi themselves to the Zen nightclub for a free bar that opens on the stroke of 10pm.

Until then we can only offer you coverage of the day, which begins at 12 noon. It won't be anything fancy, just familiar, reliable and tasty. That really will be the last sausage reference of the week.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour