EPT8 Copenhagen: What does it matter being chip leader?


As Melanie Weisner hauled in the big pot she'd just won against Lars Hansen last night, she was also hauling in the chip lead, a stack of 368,200 which would finish the day some 47,000 plus ahead of the next guy.

"This day was just about me owning everyone at my table," said Weisner last night, beaming, and she didn't just mean in the Hansen hand. Weisner had displayed complete control from the start, and got just what she wanted.

But what does it mean to have the chip lead, which theoretically could be nothing more than a single chip ahead of the player in second place?

"I think there is a psychological thing going on," said Weisner. "You do have a lot of confidence going into the next day. It's just like a really nice feeling to have."

Melanie Weisner

"I honestly have been the chip leader going into the day 3 and 4 in a lot of these events lately. This is another one and I'm hoping I can just close it out. That'd be nice."

For Weisner there's an additional element to holding the lead, something that assists in her task of controlling the table, something she can do, either by being in charge with chips or by being the centre of attention in other ways.

"I would say that being table captain is a lot different than being the centre of attention," said Weisner. "Frankly it's got to the point that every time I do something showy or whatever my friends say I obviously did it because I don't get enough attention, which is hilarious. Being a girl in poker I get massive amounts of attention. I'm not wanting of attention."

This point is true, that is if the gang of boys who follow Weisner around is anything to go by.

"I do really like controlling the action at the table, especially when there are other competent players at the table," said Weisner. "Being able to know that I can execute any play that I need - it's nice to have that 'in charge' thing.

"When you do it's somewhat correlated to the chips because when you do have a really big stack you basically have your entire arsenal at your disposal. You're not limited by your stack size."

"That really has to do with how focused I am and how well I'm able to play correctly and play well."

All that was summed up by her performance yesterday. Chip lead or no chip lead, it might be sensible to expect more of the same today.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour