EPT8 Deauville: Adeniya the man to beat as money bubble approaches


Martins Adeniya leads at the start of today, and in fine style. The Englishman bagged up a massive 512,200 last night, a stack that nearly obscured his face at a table that perhaps never knew what hit it.

"It's going to be hard to stop me in this tournament," said Adeniya, and it was a statement that has been soaked in overnight night, with nearest challenger Brahim Oubella some 60,000 behind.

Adeniya is the man to beat as 178 players return for Day 3 of the EPT Deauville main event. Only 128 of them will finish in the money, a bubble we expect to pop today, what should be a shorter day than those previous.

Martins Adeniya

Those returning today may be slightly slower paced than usual, with the EPT party taking place at the Brummel night club in Casino Deauville last night. What started as a quiet affair soon took on the hallmarks of a night for fun loving youngsters. For anyone interested in seeing that kind fo thing in full swing the video of the night will be coming up later.

For now it's about action back at the tables, which gets under way at 12 noon. For now, as music more familiar to those who use elevators or who are required to hold while calling utility companies, blares out in the tournament room, you can check out all the relevant chip counts here.