EPT8 Deauville: All familiar except for one thing...


Day 1B of a European Poker Tour is identical to its first born twin delivered yesterday. There will be the same eight levels, each an hour long. There will be no dinner break. The players will have the same introduction, outlining the differences with tournaments in France in contrast to their foreign cousins - the size of raises for example. The dealers will have their briefing again, explaining the situation to them.

There will be the same early elimination, the same early double up. The same hoop-la from an over excited newbie sensing a television camera. There will be same irritation at this. There will be the same absence of television cameras.

There will be the same security checks, the same registration process, the same wristbands and the same double checking of the right coloured wristbands, the same confusion finding the right table. There will be the same railbirds and the same security guards asking them not to block the gangway. There will be the same flash of brilliance from a players, the same flash of good fortune disguised as brilliance.

Team PokerStars Pro will be in action today

There will also be the same bright sunshine that greeted players yesterday, coupled with the same shock-temperatures coming off the English Channel, across the beach hitting smokers, crowded around the entrance to the conference centre, in the face.

Day 1B is an identical day to Day 1A. Except for one key difference. The field.

Yesterday rumour had it that today's field would be nearly double that of yesterday (339). That would make for close to 700 players playing today, which seems a shade optimism but altogether possible. There is space for them. We'll find out soon enough. A field that large would mean a delayed start for sure.

The answer to this will be coming shortly. For now, time for a few other repetitions from yesterday. Like, "follow the action on the PokerStars Blog" and "hand for hand coverage can be found here."

Also, "Play begins shortly."