EPT8 Deauville: Introducing EPT Live Lite


You've heard of EPT Live, well now there's EPT Live Lite.

When play reaches the penultimate day, when 24 remaining players complete across three tables for a place at the final, the cameras will be switched on, as will the lights and the commentators will be permitted to talk uninterrupted without us being able to turn them off.

But unlike regular EPT Live broadcasts this one will feature fixed cameras and no hole cards, albeit with the same expert commentary. We call it "EPT Live Lite".

Basically it's the stripped down version of the full on EPT Live; all the same viewpoints and analysis, every hand dealt, albeit in a lean fashion. It's so light in fact that we've even stripped down the word "light", removing the "g" and the "h" and putting an "e" in its place.

You can even watch on your phone...

All this starts on Sunday on the penultimate day's play under chandeliers and gold trimmings of the casino ballroom, where play will move from Sunday.

You can watch all the action from Sunday through to the winner on Monday on PokerStars.tv. You'll also find continued live coverage on the PokerStars Blog along with all the usual colour and interviews.