EPT8 Deauville: What matters to Mattern


Arnaud Mattern won his European Poker Tour title in Prague in 2007, his part being that of the quiet Frenchman in sensible clothes. It was the result that launched Mattern onto the international stage. Previous results were small yes, but perfectly formed, early evidence of Mattern's capacity to batter opponents in small events in both Italy and London. It would kick start a lucrative poker career.

A little more than four years later and Mattern is no longer merely a former winner but is among those who fancy themselves as the first double winner, that illusive final frontier. It's a frustrating place but one the Frenchman, now shaven headed, stubbly and in PokerStars livery, is happy to be. For now, that's back in France and at the office.

"I flopped a set pretty early on and got paid off," said Mattern, reflecting on the early part of the day.

Arnaud Mattern

"So I got up to 40k. Then I grinded a little bit. I changed table - now I have a great table. Everyone is limping and everyone is calling everything and everyone is French and old. It's super nice. I'm sitting on 50k and I'm happy about life."

Being happy about life is nothing more than a bonus sometimes when your job involves travelling around the world being knocked out of poker tournament, often for no return. It means taking the pragmatic view of every result.

"The PCA was good," said Mattern. "I enjoyed 58th place [in the main event], which is good and bad. The action was good, the poker was good."

Now Mattern, whose five o'clock shadow usually darkens his face before lunch, relishes the chance to be back on home soil for some local glory. Deauville makes for a fitting locale, being one of France's most exclusive retreats, despite its lack of transport connections.

But sometimes all that pails in significance alongside economic reality...

"It's nice to play in France," said Mattern, who now calls London home. "The weather is very different to the PCA but the players are also different. So it's much more profitable to play in Deauville than it is to play in the Bahamas."

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour