EPT8 Madrid: A view through the lens


There are numerous things you have to get used to as a poker player, particularly when you take your seat in a European Poker Tour event.

For a start the quality of opposition could be anything from world class to local class, with their personal class being anything from crass to, well, you know what I mean.

But there's one other thing you'll have to develop a strategy for, and that's having your picture taken.

For some, the arrival of a still or video camera provokes strong reaction. Some try to wipe the smile off their face, pretending it's not there. Others can't help themselves and do everything short of waving. Then there are the others, who couldn't care less.

Which category do these fall into?

Manuel Perez: caught off guard

Anton Ionel: Can't help but laugh

Pierre Neuville: Same grin worn since 22 November 2009

Not really Alex Kravchenko's cup of tea...

All blame © Neil Stoddart