EPT8 Madrid: Bolshie Baranov battling aggressive Adeniya for the chip lead

ept-thumb-promo.jpgWe all know that 'anything' can happen in poker. Huge chip swings will take place, chip leaders will stumble and fall, short stack nits will go on a rush and at some point there will be a dealer error that will irrevocably change someone's tournament life*. So while we say that the two big stacks of Ukrainian Sergiy Baranov and Brit Martins Adeniya are the two tussling at the top, there is a disclaimer that neither of these may be the end of day chip leader. There we go. Said it.

*This is meant in no way as a criticism of dealers, particularly those on the EPT who, as anyone that has played a main event will know, are quite, quite excellent.

ept madrid_day 1a_martins adeniya.jpg

Will Adeniya be able to catch Baranov?

Adeniya we've written a lot about this year after the aggressive young player - part of the JP Kelly and co crew - had three deep runs this season at EPTs London, Deauville and Copenhagen. Baranov less so. The Ukrainian has been a frequent, if not irregular, visitor on the tour and can be a fascinating player to watch. Like his appearances at the EPT, his play can be irregular but that style has certainly brought him some success with six cash finishes in EPT side and main events.

While Baranov may well have the largest stack at the moment with some 140,000, just ahead of Adeniya's 125,000, other players, such as Anton Ionel and Efren Garcia Louzaoi, are also chipping up over the 100,000 mark. There's around 30 minutes of play left and the chip lead is still very much up for grabs. Stay following the live updates and keep an eye open for those big swings.

Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour