EPT8 Monaco: Hotting up on the TV table


There's the growing anticipation among the crowd that they'll get their French winner. Lucille Cailly's rail has increased over the course of the afternoon. Ilan Boujenah has a wig on but after several hours their €10 price tag is beginning to itch a little. EPT Berlin winner Davidi Kitai was wearing one, but now holds his, like a small dead dog. Sweat runs down Boujenah's face.

It's not just the French watching from the rail, the whole perimeter is filled with people of various nationalities.

Two women walk through to see what's going on, squeezing past people, just not well enough as their backpacks clouts people one by one. It's busy on the rail and there's not much room to move, so no one is particularly happy when, a minute later, the two ladies clatter past again in the opposite direction, evidently unimpressed with what they've seen.

If they'd stuck around what they could have seen is fascinating.

Cailly is beginning to feel this energy going her way, and is finding it hard to sit down, frequently out of her seat and talking to her friends on the rail. When she gets a walk at the table the crowd cheer and some turn their wigs inside out rally-cap style.

Lucille Cailly

Guigon doesn't appear to have moved for the entire afternoon. The silver haired dark horse (if that's possible) hasn't said anything either and, while French himself, garners none of the support Cailly does.

Bernard Guigon

The only problem with Guigon however, is the speed he uses to act. Basically he uses no speed, and what appear to be easy decisions can take a lifetime, frustrating the crowd, although with €355,000 between third and second place at stake he's entitled to take whatever time he wants.

Then there's Mohsin Charania.

Charania defies modern poker convention. While he stacks his chips in piles he uses a gap teeth approach, stacking them in single towers almost like a geographical feature rather than an architectural one. They fell over earlier, and it's not hard to see why. Each is stacked about 40 chips high and wobbles with the slightest nudge, like when Cailly gets up.

Mohsin Charania

She gets up again to talk to Boujenah, who has removed his wig to reveal a forehead matted with dark hair. She now has a scarf which she wraps around her neck. It's certainly not cold on the TV stage.