EPT8 Monaco: Karmazinas on the rise again, Pantaleo falling

ept-thumb-promo.jpgThe last time Dominykas Karmazinas was here in the Salle des Etoiles he was three-handed for the EPT Grand Final title against Josef Klinger and Nicolas Chouity. That was in April 2010 for the Season 6 Grand Final.

Karmazinas was to be the next player out after his A♦7♠ failed to hold up against Chouity's dominated A♣6♦. The Lithuanian collected €700,000 for his efforts, Chouity held on a little longer to beat Klinger heads up to take the title and its €1,700,000 first place prize. That was then, this is now and Karmazinas is on the warpath once again. He is stacked up and with the bubble fast approaching is likely to be a vicious, unwelcome tablemate.

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Gentlemen, start your engines...

This is how he got chipped up this morning. Daniele Guidetti opened the action from middle position to 6,000 and Karmazinas three-bet out of the small blind to 15,600. Aggressive German Guiseppe Pantaleo was in the big blind and took - somewhat unsurprisingly - his option to squeeze. The raise was to 36,300, which easily forced Guidetti out of the hand leaving Karmazinas with the decision. He pulled his raise back and counted out a five-bet to 60,500 and pushed it forward. Pantaleo looked at Karmazinas and dragged a tower of blue chips across the line announcing that he was all-in. Karmazinas made a quick call.

Karmazinas: K♥K♣
Pantaleo: A♣K♠

The board ran out Q♣6♥6♦T♦8♥ and Karmazinas pushed his chips forward for the dealer to count. It was 203,400 Karmazinas was told. The dealer wanted Karmazinas to confirm the amount.

"They're your chips. You saw me count them," said the dealer.

"That's your job, not mine," replied Karmazinas, waving his hands in the air as to wash himself of responsibility, all but bouncing his chair with excitement.

Pantaleo, a face like thunder, pulled his large stack to pieces and paid Karmazinas leaving himself with around 75,000. The German is less likely than most to simply try and steer that stack through for a min-cash. He's a 'Go big or go home' kind of player, the kind we like. Karmazinas is now close to the chip lead.

Tournament snapshot
Level 15: blinds 1,500-3,000, ante 400
Players: 115 of 665
Average stack: 173,500
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Rick Dacey
@PokerStars in European Poker Tour