EPT8 Monaco: Spaniards left hanging as Gomez busts in eighth


It's happened again. There will be no Spanish winner of the The PokerStars Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. Jesus, donde esta mis zapatos!*

That became fact with the departure of Daniel Gomez in eight place ending, for another season, the prospect of a first Spanish champion. But there was little Gomez could do with his ace-queen, when the chips went in against Ricardo Capriolo's jacks and Sergio Castelluccio's pocket kings.

After the question "when will we have a first double winner", the question "when will we have a first Spanish winner" is most asked, or at least it is of the Spanish media, who are prime targets to be wound up, particularly as Spain tends to win everything else.

Daniel Gomez

It's the sixth event in which a Spaniard has fallen short at the final table in Season 8.
Dragan Kostic missed out in Barcelona, finishing second, although that was better than Raul Mestre, Tomeu Gomila and Juan Perez at that same final. Juan Manuel Pastor finished fourth in London, a feat matched by Guillem Usero in Prague. Ricardo Rodriguez made it to fifth on home soil in Madrid; Cesar Garcia reached sixth in Berlin.

It leaves seven at the final table, and means the Spanish will have to wait for another season for their winner. Home soil in Barcelona perhaps?

*We don't know any Spanish expletives.