EPT8 Monaco: Toth almost has them right where he wants them


Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth has made the money, scoring his first cash of the calendar year and his first EPT cash since San Remo in Season 7. Toth is no stranger to being described as "no stranger" to the business end of the high stakes poker tournament, although his day started in mixed fashioned, with an early change of table.

"Actually I'm down to 170,000, from 205,000," he said at the first break. "But at one point I was up to 250,000.

"The first table was pretty good, the feature table, with (Eric) Seidel on my immediately right. Noah Boeken and Pierre Neuville. Annette Obrestad got moved to my left. The table was not that aggressive. I felt pretty comfortable over there.

Richard Toth

"Now, with five minutes left, I got moved to a new table. It looks tougher with a lot of young guys, internet regulars. I don't know what to expect. I'm an average stack and probably I'm gonna tighten up a bit because these guys will shift some chips.

It seems ironic that Toth, who has a World Poker Tour title to his name, would be cautious of the unknown rather than names like Seidel, Boeken, Obrestad and others at his first table.

"Actually, the first table was not that aggressive so I' prefer those tables where I can set a level of aggressiveness. The second one I'm going to sit back and let the young guys go crazy.

"The first one is always the one where you can play more small pots, not pre-flop big pots. I don't want to get involved in big pot and big coin flips at this stage of the tournament. I'm trying to play small pots. At the first table that's what I could do."

Toth outlasted several of those players and plays on now with a stack less than the average. He's back with players like Seidel. Just what he prefers.

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