EPT9 Prague: Tariel Robanishvili wins the button

Tariel Robanishvili won Event #12 'Win the button' in the early hours of this morning beating Anne-Julie Leplay heads-up for €14,000. Leplay would have been the first female side event champ of the season outside of women-only events. Close but no cigar.

'Win the button' tournaments operate using one a simple buy key rule change: the winner of the last pot takes the button into the next hand.


Anne-Julie Leplay: reaching for side event glory

Event #12, 11 December
Game: NLHE turbo 'Win the button'
Players: 233
Prize pool: €67,800


Tariel Robanishvili

1. Tariel Robanishvili, Russia, €14,100*
2. Anne-Julie Leplay, France, €10,000*
3. Miljan Miljanic, Malta, €9,000*
4. Anders Andersen, Denmark, €8,000*
5. Ivan Todorovic, Serbia, €3,900
6. Florian Kossler, Germany, €3,100
7. Gianpaolo Bini, Canada, €2,400
8. Simon Mattsson, Sweden, €1,760
9. Gregory Benjamins, Netherlands, €1,400
10. Markku Koplimaa, Estonia, €1,400
11. Konstantin Loktev, Russia, €1,230
12. Rudi van Mol, Belgium, €1,230
13. Raphael Amsellem, France, €1,080
14. Marcin Horecki, Poland, €1,080
15. Thomas Zurek, Germany, €940
16. Jacques Torbey, Lebanon, €940
17. Jacki Benhaim, France, €810
18. Yan Gingold, Russia, €810
19. David Olsen, Denmark, €810
20. Patrick Leonard, UK, €810
21. Aleksandr Mazo, Russia, €750
22. Daniel Dodet, Belgium, €750
23. Jesper Winzerling, Sweden, €750
24. Pawel Zawadowicz, Poland, €750

*Denotes a deal was made.

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