Come play the Monaco Cup (€1,100 buy-in, €500,000 guarantee)

We may be in the thick of the action here at EPT Berlin but that doesn't mean that we don't have one eye on the upcoming grand final. If you haven't been to Monaco before, you really should because it's like nowhere else you've been. There's opulence, grandiose avenues and luxury cars worth more than most countries' GDPs pretty much anywhere you look. It really is somewhere that you should visit at least once. Now you have a chance to do so on the cheap and give yourself to win a €500,000 guaranteed tournament while you're at it.

PokerStars today launched the Monaco Cup, a big field €1,100 tournament slap bang in the middle of the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The €500,000 guaranteed tournament will have a €1,100 buy-in and will run 11-15 May, just one of the key events within a 50-event schedule, which you can see by clicking here.


Just the usual Monaco vista

It's a re-entry?
That's right. If you bust out you can take another shot as it's got three starting days, each of which you can enter once.

Neil Johnson, Head of Live Poker Operations for PokerStars, said: "This is the first time that we have included an event of this nature in the schedule for the EPT Grand Final. This event will feature three Day 1s and will give players the opportunity to re-enter on Day 1B and Day 1C. With a great structure and three different chances at the coveted 1st prize, everyone will get their shot at a piece of the first ever €500,000 Monaco Cup!"


Neil Johnson at work at the PCA

Satellite in
Qualifiers are running now on PokerStars, both seat only and full package (tournament buy-in, flights, accommodation and money for expenses - worth €3,000). Find the qualifiers in the PokerStars lobby by clicking 'Events' > 'EPT' and type 'cup' into the search box.

Cash games everywhere
EPT President Edgar Stuchly recently told us about the cash game spread taking place at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The EPT is running cash games from 12pm to 6am each day with the favourable rake rates below.

Blinds: Rake for 5 or more players / Rake for 4 or less players
up to €2-€5: 3% capped €15 / 3% capped €10
€5-€10: 3% capped €20 / 3% capped €15
€10-€20: 3% capped €20 / 3% capped €15
Higher: 3% capped €25 / 3% capped €20
Time collection (Chinese) €25 (+ €5*) per player every 30 minutes

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