EPT Deauville: Jon Spinks dodges fourth place (and Jonathan Duhamel) to win €141,200

UK player Jon Spinks last night won €141,200, a career-largest score, and his first EPT trophy. The result was only the third live win of his career, his first being at the UKIPT Edinburgh High Roller for £10,910, but Spinks had to get over his fourth-place hoodoo first.

Two years ago at the 2011 WSOP Spinks took fourth at two final tables for a combined haul of around $150,000, a great return but both times missing out on the hugest slice of the money. Here in Deauville there was no stumbling and WSOP champ and Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel, entered the final table with the chip lead, took that spot for €38,020.

And Spinks' victory tweet?

"Shipped for €141.2k :) time to begin the journey home with @johneamespoker! #hitandrunthefrenchies"
- @JonSpinks

EPT9 Deauville, event #12
Date: 5-6 February 2013
Buy-in: €2,200
Game: NLHE
Players: 283
Prize pool: €543,360


Jon Spinks

1. Jon Spinks, UK, €141,200
2. Javier Etayo, Spain, €76,020
3. Dany Parlafes, Romania, €48,900
4. Jonathan Duhamel, Canada, Team Pokerstars Pro, €38,020
5. Joseph El Ghazal, Lebanon, €29,880
6. Patrick Bornicke, Germany, €24,450
7. Vasili Medarov, Bulgaria, €19,020
8. Sinel Anton, Romania, €13,590
9. Jeroen Vaneenoo, Belgium, €10,330
10. Andrey Zaichenko, Russia, €10,330
11. Christian Rudolph, Germany, €9,240
12. Flavien Guenan, France, €9,240
13. Adrian Mateos, Spain, €8,150
14. Dmitry Gromov, Russia, €8,150
15. Benjamin Juhasz, Hungary, €7,060
16. Yuriy Kudrynskyy, France, €7,060
17. Mikhail Lakhitov, Russia, €5,980
18. Ben Jones, UK, €5,980
19. Olvedo Heinze, Netherlands, €5,980
20. Igor Kutsevol, France, €5,980
21. Sophian Bennoura, France, €5,440
22. Shabtay Shai Zurr, France, €5,440
23. Joep van den Bijgaart, Netherlands, €5,440
24. Markus Prinz, Germany, €5,440
25. Olivier Averso, France, €4,900
26. Boutro Naim, Morocco, €4,900
27. Kenny Hallaert, Belgium, €4,900
28. Martiros Eranian, Russia, €4,900
29. Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, €4,360
30. Steven Silverman, USA, €4,360
31. Stephan Fajg, France, €4,360
32. Marcin Wydrowski, Poland, €4,360

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