EPT London Day 1B: How sick is this? Grading the tables on Day 1B

If you've been reading any of the live coverage from this festival or, indeed, if you follow any of the players on Twitter, you have probably heard mention of the somewhat intimate playing conditions here at the Vic. Tables are crammed in to pretty much every corner on every floor, and even into some crannies where no table should ordinarily be. It means we have an exceptionally intense concentration of poker talent in such a small space.

But the demands of EPT Live means that we have to pick only one table to get the full love of the internet, and on days like today it presents the kind of problem endured by a child given £1 pocket money and told he can buy what he likes in a sweet shop. There are simply far too many options and not enough resources to plunder it all.

The only way to decide which one you want is to instigate some kind of grading system, and since this is poker, where everyone and everything is "sick", we have sorted the tables in tournament area by degrees of illness.

Here's a selection of some of the table draws this afternoon, which gives a general indication of what we're looking at. All of these groups are sharing tables at the moment. No doubt as we get further through the week, it will only get better/worse.

Jake Cody, James Akenhead, Viktor Blom
Mickey Petersen, Michael Tureniec, Faraz Jaka, Ismail Bojang
Vicky Coren, James Dempsey, Toby Lewis, Dimitar Danchev

Vicky Coren and James Dempsey

Justin Bonomo, Barry Greenstein, JP Kelly
Olivier Busquet, Lex Veldhuis, Michel Abecassis
Yann Dion, Anton Wigg, David Vamplew, Surinder Sunar, Robin Keston
Jason Mercier, Franck Kalfon, "Not That" Joseph Mouawad

Returning for tests:
Daniel Negreanu, Cesar Garcia, Tom Hall
Ludovic Lacay, Jason Tomkins, Jeff Hakim
Ramzi Jelassi, Victor Ramdin, Gaelle Baumann
Chris Moorman, Juan Manuel Pastor, Joe Cada

Day off work:
Isaac Haxton, Dario Minieri
Mike McDonald, Guy Goossens, Antoine Saout
Fatima Moreira de Melo, Kevin MacPhee

Looking a bit peaky:
Marcel Luske, Nic Chouity
Mattias de Meulder, Dan Shak
David Williams, Frederik Jensen
Lars Bonding, Philipp Gruissem
Martin Hruby, Chris Brammer, George Danzer
Joao Nunes, ElkY

The broadcast producers didn't actually need to look much further than that top one. Isildur playing Cody playing Akenhead? Yes please. If you open another window and head over to PokerStars.tv, you'll see all the action from that slab of felt. You'll have to stick with us for all the rest.


Jake Cody, on the TV


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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour