EPT London: Different kind of High Roller

The EPT10 London Poker Festival is a huge sprawling schedule of events which tosses up £100 'Win the button' tournaments as well as £50,000 Super High Rollers. Situated somewhere on that range is the £2,100 UKIPT High Roller (an EPT Low Roller?) which has picked up a final table line-up including Kenny Hallaert, Joe Kuethner, EPT winner Salvatore Bonavena, EPT winner runner-up Joni Jouhkimainen, UKIPT winner Max Silver and EPT Barcelona High Roller winner Thomas Muehloecker. Oh yeah, and someone called Vanessa Selbst is also still in it. Oh yeah, she's got the chip lead. It could be another good score for the biggest winning female poker player of all time. First place pays out about £76,000.


Selbst taking down the PCA High Roller

We won't be following this event too closely, what with the Super High Roller, UKIPT Main Event and EPT Main Event, but it may well get some EPTLive webcast screen time later on. What we can say is that it was a bad start for Silver whose button three-bet of Salvatore Bonvena turned into a five-bet shove after Jouhkimainen attacked out of the small blind. Silver had queens but was snapped off by Jouhkimainen with pocket aces. It looks like he's raked some back since though.

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