EPT10 £50k SHR: Mike "Timex" McDonald on the rise of the Super High Rollers

The EPT Super High Roller fields just keep on getting bigger. We thought the 51 entries (40 players, 11 re-entries) at EPT Barcelona was big but we've hit 57 entries here (41 players, 16 re-entries). And it's a bigger buy-in here in real money terms with the pounds punching power hitting harder than the euro.

Among those chasing the £821,000 first place prize - and Shamballa Jewels bracelet and trophy, of course - is Mike "Timex" MacDonald who won his EPT as an 18-year-old. His winnings have grown with him. More than $5m in live tournament winnings can attest to that. McDonald was impressive playing in the most recent finished Super High Roller at EPT Barcelona, where he finished fourth for €269,400, and the Canadian is currently well chipped (during the third level of Day 2). Another big money final table is very possible.


Mike "Timex" McDonald, yesterday

Our video team caught up with him to find out why he thought these Super High Roller fields were getting bigger and more popular. Is it the action? The prestige? The structure? Maybe a little of all three.


Tower Bridge, London

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