EPT10 Barcelona: Kresten Nielsen on fire! He doubles up

We've had a first major emotional outburst of the day, and it came from Kresten Nielsen on the feature table.

"The Killer", as he is affectionately known, owing to his performance one year at EPT Copenhagen, found a spot to move all-in with. He looked down at pocket kings, and calmly pushed his stack forward and waited for someone to take him on. The action was folded around to Niall Farrell, who called with king-queen of clubs. Cue the excitement.

Calm restored: Karsten Nielsen

As is normal in cases like this, floor staff immediately flicked the switch on Nielsen's chair to send 600 volts through his spine, enough to almost blow his hat off. Nielsen leapt inot the air like his trousers were on fire and danced around a bit. This is all quite normal, and nothing to be concerned about. I thought I even saw Nielsen perform a "twerk".

Then he said a few words, possibly curse words about the electricity, before he composed himself, gingerly returning to his seat, being careful to touch only the leather part rather than any metal bits. Then again, he was now too nervous to notice any of that as he awaited his fate.


He need not have worried. The board was harmless, for Nielsen anyway. Farrell put on a brave face, smiling all the way. He'd asked for a few clubs on the flop and got one, but no more. He paid the man as if it didn't hurt.

Nielsen, took his seat again, visibly delighted and back in the game.

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