EPT10 Barcelona: Some news is good news for the Spanish

There are only two Spaniards left in the field. But according to Alex Hernando of the Spanish press, this is a good thing: "Last year at this stage we only had one player!"

Such is the passion among the Spanish for a home grown winner, that they have this kind of information permanently at their fingertips. For instance, they even know that the first two levels of Day 3 were disastrous for the home team, nearly three quarters of their 40 who started the day departing. But when you're a zealot for this kind of thing there's always a bright side.

"Yesterday we had four players and three short stacks," said Hernando. "So this is good."

The least experienced of the pair is Emilio Jimenez. Jimenez is relatively new to the game, so new in fact that this is his first ever live tournament. But it's sometimes the way that the rookie gets an advantage from this, certainly in the case of Jimenez who returned today with 2,242,000.

Emilio Jimenez

Alejandro Perez meanwhile is a professional player, of the live and online kind, and worthy of the second biggest stack coming into today. Nicknamed "Turu" after a footballer from his native Canary Islands, Perez will have is eye on that first major cash of his career, one that could put his name front and centre, not to mention permanently inked in the history books of Spanish poker.

Alejandro Perez

EPT Barcelona is his best chance yet of achieving that.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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