EPT10 Barcelona: Ten years of Memory Lane

This being the tenth year of the European Poker Tour, certain elements of our reporting have become more difficult. The passing of time is all too real and the inevitable effects of a decade watching poker are starting to take their toll.

For instance, there are five previous winners in the field today, but I had to check the list several times before I was certain there were no more. This can only mean trouble ahead. The memory has finally started to crack.

During the early seasons it was quite common to carry around the name of each finalist from every EPT in your head, filed conveniently for reference. This lasted until about Season 3 when, by sheer weight of numbers, some names began to slip - the fifth place finisher in Loutraki in Season 4 will remain a mystery to me.

At least the chips stay the same

The decline didn't stop there. In Season 7 I could no longer remember the names of the runners-up, the men (there may have been women too - I can't remember) who were at the side of the stage when the winners were being presented a very large check.

By Season 9 I'd forgotten the names of the people I worked with, and sometimes even the town we were playing in. So a year later it was perhaps predictable that storing the names of the winners between Stevic and O'Dwyer would become impossible. It will change the very nature of the eight "Will we have a first double winner in _____ (insert name of EPT stop here)?" posts that we will inevitably publish this season.

PS EPT 10 Lockup Celebration_eptbar10.jpg

For reference the five former winners include Kent Lundmark, winner in Season 7, who right now is best placed for a repeat. It would be familiar territory for the Swede. He started the day with 362,100.

The others include Kevin MacPhee (EPT Trumpton?), Dimitar Danchev (EPT Neverland?), Joao Barbosa (EPT Oz?) and Alex Stevic, whose name sounds familiar. Will one of them finally break the double winner voodoo?

NOTE: There are actually six former winners in the field. Apologies to Mikalai Pobol.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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