EPT10 Barcelona: The buzz around Duracell Powermat

The European Poker Tour just loves a superlative. Bigger, better, richer and now... buzzier? Walk into the tournament room and one thing that you won't see this season compared to last is that pained expression of a player cut off mid-tweet as their smartphone runs out of juice. Thanks to Duracell Powermat, the Official Wireless Charging Sponsor of EPT Season 10, no player will suffer from electricty shortage tilt.


Keep charged all the way to the final table

Is it magic?
Well, in a way it is. The Duracell Powermat charges your phone through magnetic induction (so give a little nod to Michael Faraday) which kicks in once a "handshake" happens between the charging surface and ypur device. Your phone will then charge wirelessy - and only to devices that it recognises - until it's fully charged and ready to go again. It's so clever that it cuts outs as soon as your phone clocks in at 100%, so there's no worry about wasting energy or overcharging your battery. Cunning stuff.

We sent out Sarah Grant to find out what the players think of the new Duracell Powermat partnership.

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