EPT10 Barcelona: The world's game

Setting aside the World Series of Poker which routinely attracts players from 100-plus different countries to Las Vegas, the European Poker Tour tends to draw the most diverse fields nationality-wise of any of the many tourney tours that criss-cross the globe.

Earlier this week we shared a breakdown of the 1,234 entrants in the EPT10 Barcelona Main Event, serving up a nifty pie graph to help illustrate how players from 64 different countries comprised the field.

That graph showed Germany to be the best represented country in the tournament with about 11% of the total (138 players), with Russia and Spain next in line with 9% (105 each).

Of the 24 who remain, 17 different countries are still represented. Germany still leads the way three players left -- Stefan Kolossow, Julian Thomas, and Jamila Von Perger.

NEIL0289_EPT10BAR_Jamila_Von_Perger_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Jamila Von Perger is one of three Germans left among the final 24

Five other countries have two players still alive and 11 countries a lone representative. The full breakdown of the remaining 24 is as follows: Brazil, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland (2), Germany (3), Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, Netherlands (2), Romania, Russian Federation (2), Spain (2), Sweden, United Kingdom (2).

As the field shrinks down to eight today, we'll keep an eye on which countries continue to have representation, including whether either of the Spanish players -- Emilio Jimenez Bueno or Alejandro Perez Torres -- can become the first from Spain to win an EPT.

Meanwhile, as play begins here's Sarah Grant and Rick Dacey bringing us up to speed with how we got here and where we're headed both in the Main Event and in the High Roller.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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