EPT10 Barcelona: Winners galore!

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Vitaly Lunkin? €771,300. Book it. Hana Soljan? Trophy and €6,880. Thank you very much. Jakub Mroczek and Fred Weiss also booked wins. EPT London champ David Vamplew came close but picked up another good cash in third (€35,040), just behind Tobias Garp (2nd, €52,560) and Weiss (1st, €77,580).

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Side event round-up
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EPT9 Barcelona Women's event, #2
Date: 31 August
Buy-in: €300 + €30
Game: NLHE
Players: 86
Prize pool: €25,026


Hana Soljan

1. Hana Soljan, Croatia, €6,880
2. Aixi Ji, China, €4,900
3. Laura Gonzalez Padilla, Spain, €3,200
4. Sunh Yun, Korea, €2,465
5. Kjersti Grini, Norway, €1,950
6. Galina Belozerova, Russia, €1,530
7. Elsa Lopes, Portugal, €1,200
8. Hazel Birchnall, UK, €940

EPT10 Barcelona, event #4
Date: 31 August
Buy-in: €1,000 + €100
Game: NLHE
Players: 201
Prize pool: €194,970


Jakub Mroczek

1. Jakub Mroczek, Poland, €36,020
2. Raffaele Sorrentino, Italy, €33,000
3. David Stonehouse, United Kingdom, €19,500
4. Muhamed Perati, Italy, €15,900
5. Dennis Martin, Germany, €12,550
6. Juan Carlos Canoves, Spain, €9,530
7. Franco Cultreri, Ireland, €6,960
8. Gabriel Dragomir, Romania, €5,100

EPT10 Barcelona, event #8
Date: 31 August
Buy-in: €2,000 + €200
Game: NLHE
Players: 172
Prize pool: €333,680


Fred Weiss

1. Fred Weiss, France, €77,580
2. Tobias Garp, Sweden, €52,560
3. David Vamplew, UK, €35,040
4. Gereon Sowa, Germany, €28,700
5. Ami Barer, Canada, €23,030
6. Lukas Berglund, Sweden, €17,850
7. Mateusz Rypulak, Poland, €13,220
8. Adrian Mateos Diaz, Spain, €9,710

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