EPT10 London £50k SHR: Live, from a sound stage in the desert...

There's one thing you can count on in a Super High Roller event, and that's that the line-up will look pretty much the same wherever you are.

The logic is simple. Even in a new town, the pool of players with the inclination to cough up fifty-grand (sterling) is remarkably small. Every so often a new face appears, but the rest are the usual cast, like that of a television series. A few new characters are introduced, but it's really just the same core of performers, and they start again from scratch in the next episode. Like the A-Team.

Don't believe any of this...

Just like in the A-Team nobody really gets hurt either, or at least will never admit to it, hence their reappearance a few weeks later without a scratch and ready to go again. Maybe this time the plan will finally come together.

But they do look familiar. Among the playing field today most, if not all, played in the same event in Barcelona, and the Super High Rollers before that. It makes one wonder whether it might be easier to get the season's super high roller events done inside a fortnight.

It would be relatively straight forward. One venue, in the same town, and a blue screen, with a bit of CGI here and there to polish off the edges, perhaps a picture of Big Ben or something. In fact we might already be doing that, sitting here on some sound stage in the desert. Are those pots of tea and bags of fish and chips actually real?

But then when you haven't been watching so closely a Super High Roller is an entirely different beast, as one of the security guards at the Connaught Rooms happily made clear earlier.

Watching his first ever poker tournament (as well as watching everyone else watching his first poker tournament, as his job demands), he couldn't help but point out that this room full of strangers, today and earlier in the week, certainly looked serious, what with all the sunglasses, baseball caps and headphones. He had to ask, were these guys any good?

There's nothing ordinary about Erik Seidel

I said yes, the best in the world. He looked over at Erik Seidel, in a plain shirt, looking quite ordinary save for the headphones. I think he believed me.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.