EPT10 London £50k SHR: The final table by numbers

It's quite easy to find yourself running dry on superlatives when talking about Super High Roller tournaments. It's got the biggest names, the best players, the largest payouts, the sickest suck outs. Sometimes it's just easier - certainly for us - to let the numbers do the talking so take a look at the graph below.


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At the time of publishing there are seven players remaining in the Super High Roller with just Patrik Antonius busting so far. The short-stacked Finn was a late reg yesterday morning so a spin up from £50,000 to £109,455 in little more than 24 hours is still pretty welcome. If you want to catch up with how we got to where are now then click here to read how Martin Finger started the day as chip leader.

Actually, on second thoughts, we're not entirely sure what you're meant to take from the graph bar the curious fact that this is Christoph Vogelsang's virgin live cash. Well, there you go. Enjoy. Next time we might get round to posting some ICM numbers or some other such handy figures but, you know, Power Point, it's not that easy...

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