EPT10 London: A guarantee to reach Day 2, or your money back

Using its genius for innovation, the European Poker Tour has devised the perfect strategy for even the most apprehensive player to survive Day 1 -- guaranteed. It's called "registration is open until Day 2".

For just £5,000, this pioneering new system permits players to by-pass the awkwardness of an early elimination and skip over any lingering doubts they might have about their talents.

Imagine what this could mean. No more difficult departures when it all goes wrong before the first break. No more indigestion as you count up a short stack at dinner. And none of the heartbreak of watching everyone else bag up chips at the end of the day whilst you have none. It actually guarantees advancement!

Several players, keen on avoiding all of the above, took up this offer this morning.
Tobias Reinkemeier signed up to get one day closer to that illusive final. So too Igor Kurganov, looking for a jumping off point for his Main Event campaign. "Their friend Max," also signed up, recognising a winning system when he sees one.

Tobias Reinkemeier

Of course, there are other benefits to this Day 2 strategy.

Aside from an extra two days of rest, the field on Day 2 is smaller. That's a reduction in risk right there, with fewer opponents trying to knock you out.

It's also better value for money. The £5,000 you spend on entry today is now divided over five days (on the assumption you reach the final table), rather than six. That makes each day worth £1,000, rather than £833. That's money in your pocket.

Igor Kurganov

You're also already ahead of 27 per cent of the remaining field. Some 93 players are already looking up to you, with fewer than 30,000 chips. Then there's Team PokerStars Pro Richard Toth, who returns with exactly 30,000. He's looking across at you, wondering why he bothered.

And so we'll be keeping tabs on this winning formula. If you sound tempted yourself I'm afraid you're too late for EPT London. This guaranteed "Survive Day 1" offer was only available until 11.45am today. But stay tuned for similar offers in future events.

In the meantime, congratulations to the six players who used the guaranteed Day 2 system.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.