EPT10 London: Madcon vs Jellied Eels

It might sound like a musical collaboration but "Madcon vs Jellied Eels" is actually an event that Yosef Wolde-Mariam and Tshawe Baqwa will be trying to forget for some time.

The Norwegian hip-hop duo Madcon swapped sound systems for chip stacks yesterday when they took on PokerStars sponsored poker players Liv Boeree and Charlotte van Brabander. The winners would claim a bottle of champagne, the losers would be forced to eat an old London delicacy, jellied eels. Some would say that they're an acquired taste, most would say that they're foul and should never be put anyway near your mouth. We tend to side with the latter.


Madcon at the PokerStars EPT London Main Event

Wolde-Mariam and Baqwa were game, loud and enthusiastic, but in poker that doesn't count for everything (although it can help. See, Daniel Negreanu). Boeree, a European Poker Tour winner with $2,281,099 in live tournament winnings, and Van Brabander had to be favourites for the heads-up tussle, but poker can be a cruel game. Watch the video below to see who popped the fizz... and who had to pop a jellied eel in their mouth!

Both members of Madcon played the EPT London Main Event today, a tournament that costs £5,250 to enter and last year paid out £595,000 to winner Ruben Visser.

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