EPT10 London: Tiki-taka with Juan Manuel Pastor and Andre Akkari

Three Team PokerStars Pros were seated around the main feature table today. Liv Boeree was joined by Andre Akkari and Juan Manuel Pastor, meaning representatives of two of the world's finest footballing nations went head to head. And England were there too.

Akkari and Boeree were more lively than Pastor at the table, but they did play one hand together in which the Brazilian (Akkari) got a bit frisky with eight-high and Pastor picked him off with who knows what. The two of them talk through the hand with Laura Cornelius -- although I wouldn't go into this video expecting searing, complex analysis. This is more just a better indication of how tournament poker goes sometimes. You make a play, it doesn't work, you get on with it.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour