EPT10 London: Time to start winning -- Jake Cody on pending fatherhood

There's a new single-mindedness to Jake Cody's play. It's not brought about by the lessons of others, or the professional progress made as a more mature poker player. No, it's the basic gut instinct of any prospective father to make as much money as humanly possible before a new little human starts making it all disappear.

Not that he would admit this. Cody is still quite rightly playing the part of delighted expectant Dad, made more so by the scan he and his girlfriend booked this morning ahead of his appearance on Day 1A.

"It was the 16 week gender scan," said Cody, confirming he and his girlfriend Alexandra were expecting. "I was kind of hoping for a boy," he admitted with a sheepish grin. "But I'm coming round to a girl. When I called my mum she started crying." As if he needed to he added: "in happiness!"

Jake Cody in action today

And so, come March 2014, Cody will be elevated into an exclusive club, that of a poker playing parent, working the tour with an additional mouth to feed. It's an exclusive club, with only a handful of pros, such as Nicolas Levi, Theo Jorgensen and Ivan Demidov, taking up membership -- plying their trade while sharing nappy duties at home.

A survey, sponsored by some such magazine estimates the average child can cost up to £10,000 in their first six months, not just in loss of earnings, but in the general amount of rubbish you buy in the months previous that you think will need, but subsequently ditch, or more accurately leave on the stairs to trip over. Ten grand? That's two EPT buy-ins.

Here is that breakdown, according to the UK's Money Advice Service (albeit using the "no expense spared" setting) for the first year:

--A top of the range buggies: £600.
--Cot: £700
--Nursery furniture: £1,000
--Organically grown nappies: £500
--Baby food: £520
--Clothing: £2,000
--Milk: £450

This list doesn't even touch upon those items that become basics as the years pass, such as the habitual daily bottle of wine for mum and dad: £3,650 in the first year, adding up to £65,700 for the first 18 years*

(* this figure can be lower if you're happy to drink the cheap stuff).

Then there are the holidays to take them on, then the holidays they will insist on taking on their own. Not to mention University fees, their first car, a mobile phone, shopping trips. Before that there's finding a local 14-year-old to babysit them, one of this nation's last remaining boom industries at £6.50 an hour. And that doesn't include the tube of Pringles and bottle of Fanta that goes with it.

But, while aware that his life is about to change, Cody is enjoying the build-up, and proudly talks about what is to come, particularly now that they know it's pink, not blue for the spare room.

"Your priorities shift for sure," he said. "But I'm still going to be playing all the big stuff. Hopeful it won't change things too much, but outside of work it will change a lot. When I'm not playing I'll be there. I guess I've got a lot of free time as a poker player, so that's good."

The birth means Cody will miss EPT Berlin, but not much else, giving him three EPTs and a PCA to stock up on spending money ahead of the big day.

"We haven't bought anything yet," he said. We were waiting to hear the sex to get for the colour scheme. To be honest I'll probably go crazy. I get excited easily. Going round the baby stores and seeing all the gadgets, its' exciting. But you want it to be all nice."

For now it's back to the day job, and a stack of 60,000 - which was good for the chip lead at the last break. Life then is good both on and off the tables.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.