EPT10 London: What do people do at the break, and what happens when they come back?

There are certain rituals that are familiar to anyone who has played an event like the EPT, a natural process undergone by players.

To begin with five per cent of the players were eliminated since the last break, reducing the field. A further five per cent leave the room early to get a head start on the others.

From the rest five per cent are grabbed by people for television interviews while another five per cent are also grabbed by non-television people. A further five per cent spend the break trying to avoid these interviews.

Five per cent of players head for the bathroom, while five per cent smoke their cigarettes. There's another five per cent who bum cigarettes off of this five per cent. Five per cent talk with their friends, while another five per cent will talk to anyone. An additional five per cent try to avoid these people.

The London Eye on the south bank of the Thames

Five per cent have something to moan about, directing this misery at another five per cent. Five per cent can't speak English. Another five per cent pretend they can't. A further five per cent mind their own business, while five per cent go upstairs to the bar to buy drinks. A different five per cent prefer to dash across the Street to Starbucks. Another five per cent are late and have to run back to their seat.

As for the other five per cent, they're a mystery.

For all of them what remains today are two more levels of play before we bag up ahead of Day 2.

Leading right now is Steve Warburton, a regular on the UK poker scene, who went to dinner with a stack of 115,000. Behind him Jesse Sylvia was one of only two players in the field on more than 100,000, the other being Maximillian Senft. Daniel Negreanu is not far behind. He's had a profitable afternoon, turning a starting stack into 90,000. Other counts can be found on the live coverage page of the PokerStars Blog.

Already out, and playing no further part in the main event, are Randal Flowers, Nicolas Levi, Gordon Huntly, Ilan Boujenah, David Benefield, Brunos Lopes, Chris Moneymaker, Kent Lundmark, ElkY, Mohsin Charania, Kevin MacPhee, James Dempsey, Bryn Kenney and Super High Roller winner Martin Finger. There are others, which you can also find at the link above.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.