EPT10 Prague: David Williams out early as cost of living goes up

Thomas Pedersen and Sigurd Eskeland were in deep conversation, discussing the price of coffee. Eskeland wasn't sure they'd been charged right for espresso, and told Pedersen what he would have expected to pay. But they had paid more. One of them then said that this might be the most expensive city in the world, a line that crops up a lot at EPT destinations, so much so that it's more likely we're all getting poorer.

Across the table one man was going through what would be the last two minutes of his Prague Main Event, with the cost of living now 1,500/3,000 in blinds.

It's odd to think that the usual rituals are performed on the assumption of a full day of play--donning full battle dress of cap and patches, preparing music and headphones, ordering tea. But for Team PokerStars Pro David Williams it would all be over in the space of three hands.

The tournament room this week

Williams had moved in early, hoping to turn his 89,000 into something more substantial. The pocket kings he found should have helped, but he watched Michel Dattani call with ace-queen. Williams was clear to the turn, but an ace drifted in on the river. With no small amount of class Williams didn't even flinch.

As Dattani stacked his new chips and Eskeland and Pedersen continued to talk coffee, Williams squeezed lemon into his tea, working on the assumption that, despite this setback, he would be there long enough to drink it.

Now though, left with the same stack he'd started with on day one, he wasted no time moving in again. He'd found pocket threes and said nothing as Andrew Chen called, turning over pocket jacks. It had taken about three minutes, but Williams, without even sipping his tea, was out.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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