EPT10 Prague: Fast Track to an uncomfortable chip lead

Julian Track arrived slightly late this morning and without knowing where he was supposed to sit. He walked up to table one, one of the outer tables, and began checking chip bags for his name, but he couldn't find it. Then someone asked if he was Julian. He said yes and was told he was on the TV table. "Oh no," he said, without even a hint of false modesty. There is limelight to be had at EPT Prague, but Track doesn't want any of it.

Track is undoubtedly the least known player in the last 16--largely because he won't tell us anything.

All of which makes him a curiosity, a misplaced giant wandering the calls of the Hilton, trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. What we do know is that he's German, is the tallest man in the field (which probably applied on Day 1 also), and that he's playing his first ever live event.

Actually we know a bit more than that, thanks to our German colleague Robin Sherr who spoke to Track earlier this week.

If you've been watching the live coverage on EPTLive, Track is the one in the grey hood. He's also the one who fidgets a lot and looks largely uncomfortable with everything going on. According to Sherr, Track qualified in September for both EPT Prague and the Aussie Millions, but is struggling to adapt his online game to a live environment.

Okay, he doesn't always look disappointed

That might sound ridiculous, given the immediate success Track has enjoyed this week, but by all accounts he's struggling to come to terms with the time it takes some people to play a hand. Not for him all this thought and analysis. Track is used to clicking, and clicking quickly.

So much so that he has already admitted that the Aussie Millions will be his last live tournament. Enough with all this hanging around, it'll be back to the comforts of home, a screen full of pot-limit Omaha and presumably no move satellites.

All of which hardly fits the picture of a man who, a few moments ago, took the chip lead with a pair of tens, swallowing the stack of Ori Hasson almost whole. Never has the overwhelming chip leader, with 13 players remaining, looked so disappointed.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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