EPT10 Prague: Ke Kwan Lau in need of a different "-inator"

There's an episode of Phineas & Ferb called "Blackout" in which Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc., unveils his latest "-inator", another of his plans to to take over the Tri-State Area.

As he explains to his nemesis, Perry the Platypus (a secret agent platypus in a trilby), it's called the "Sad-Eye-inator". This device, he explains, will give him "sad eyes", so sad in fact that people would immediately pity him and give him things, including the keys to the town hall and control of the Tri-State Area.

Doofenshmirtz with the "Sad-Eye-inator"

The plan almost works, although as the -inator takes up so much electricity Doofenshmirtz is forced to run it at night when the electricity is cheaper, subsequently causing a blackout when it explodes. Here are the sad eyes...

"Sad eyes"

I'm beginning to worry that Ke Kou Lao has been hit by the very same Sad-Eye-inator. He looks disappointed at something and yet, his stack of 360,000 would suggest that people at some point, have kept giving him things.

Although that's not exactly so. At one point yesterday Lou seemed a lock for the overnight chip lead, finding aces and running them straight through kings to a stack of 600,000. But just before the bell he dropped some of them, falling to below half a million.

Back today he has been unable to get back that momentum he had on Day 2, and a series of calls this afternoon have gone against him, reducing his stack from 400,000, to 360,000 and now to around 200,000. People are now taking things from him, not giving. All of this looks to be weighing heavily on Lau's mind as he looks to get back into some sort of swing.

Ka Kwan Lau yesterday, in happier times

For Doofenshmirtz the plan went awry when the lights came back on, revealing his sad eyes to be bloodshot and bulging from his head. No such trauma for Lau, although he could make use of another of Doofenshmirtz's creations, the "Forget-About-It-inator."

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