EPT10 Prague: Surviving an epic final table

They say that poker is a marathon, not a sprint. Well, that is the case unless you're playing heads-up hyper turbo sit-and-go's. Today's EPT Prague Main Event final table looked like it could be a long one, and it's still playing like it could go on until the wee hours. Our back office chip crunching had estimated a possible 4am finish and the way the stacks are there could certainly be a lengthy heads-up.

So how do you best get through a tough final table, likely the biggest of your life? Do you take the Ilari Sahamies approach and order liberal doses of vodka and orange? Do you take the Phil Hellmuth line and spend the entire time telling everyone why you're the best player in the world? Or do you take the Julian Track route; pick up the flu, look like death, and slowly cold four-bet the table into oblivion?

The PokerStars Blog is also not immune to the effects of fatigue - even though we're real men that can grow moustaches - and so we put it to you, the loyal (or perhaps part-time) PokerStars Blog reader. How would you make it through a gruelling final table?

NEIL2310__EPT10PRA_Julian_Track_Neil Stoddart.jpg

What the hell are these? Julian (losing) Track

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