EPT9 Berlin Day 3: Life through a poker snapper's lens

As ever on the European Poker Tour, Neil Stoddart has been snapping away in Berlin today like a Belieber with a new Instagram login. We don't always get the chance to exhibit his work as we might like, so here's a special gallery post dedicated to pictures alone. (And captions.) Enjoy.


An aerial view of Aku Joentausta's chip-leading stack


English poker and EPT stalwart Barny Boatman


Tournament staff get to grips with the black chips as they're removed from play


Each tray is worth 10,000, so who wants 400,000 chips?


Ville Mattila and Liv Boeree spot a spider crawling across the table


All in and a call on the feature table during bubble time


More bubble, this time featuring Sven Krieger


Kevin Stani: A dark horse for the first two-time champion prize


A photo of Liv Boeree (or, as we like to say, a guaranteed extra 10,000 hits)


Sandra Naujoks enjoying another deep run on home turf


Tamer Kamel and Sotirios Koutoupas, both enjoying another solid performance


Surely not back-to-back final tables for Theo Jorgensen?


One to send home to the family

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour