EPT9 Berlin: Jason Wheeler chops with Patrick Renkers in €2,100 turbo (event #19)

It was around this time last year that Wheeler was looking like a good shout to make the final table of the EPT Grand Final but things did not go his way. He bust out in 18th for €40,000. It was a good pay day, but a far cry from the €1,350,000 which Mohsin Charania took home along with the trophy. Last night he did make the final table in the €2,100 turbo last night and, following a chop with Patrick Renkers that pocketed him €69,500, it was his turn to have an excitable winner's shot next to his trophy.

Erratic Czech grinder Martin Kabrhel finished 3rd for €28,100, a healthy chunk with which to add to his $1,443,491 career winnings. It was also another cash for Dutchman Paul Berende, but he fell short of the final table. Kevin Stammen, who enjoyed some great results in EPT Sanremo, clocked up another final table. Sometimes it pays to get knocked out the Main Event...

EPT9 Berlin, event #19
Date: 22 April 2013
Buy-in: €2,100
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 138
Prize pool: €267,720


Jason Wheeler

1. Jason Wheeler, USA, €69,500*
2. Patrick Renkers, Netherlands, €61,300*
3. Martin Kabrhel, Czech Republic, €28,100
4. Fredrik Andersson, Sweden, €20,000
5. Gerald Karlic, Austria, €16,020
6. Andrei Konopelko, Belarus, €13,400
7. Keven Stammen, USA, €10,700
8. Alex Mos, Saint Kitts and Nevis, €8,000
9. Konstantin Puchkov, Russia, €5,900
10. Tomasz Panek, Poland, €5,900
11. Sead Ramovic, Germany, €5,350
12. Paul Berende, Netherlands, €5,350
13. Denis Shumilov, Russia, €4,800
14. Hans Mustafa Kersebom, Germany, €4,800
15. Yngve Steen, Norway, €4,300
16. Paul Volpe, USA, €4,300

*relates to heads-up deal.

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