EPT9 Berlin: Party time

The PokerStars party took place last night in the Felix Club Restaurant on Behrenstrasse. In times past, PokerStars Blog has attempted to cover these events with purple prose, poring over sketchy memories from a night when the only thing that was for certain was that the drinks were "Oh, free you say? Splendid."

We are older now and are much more capable of handling our free booze. But the problem we have this time is that we didn't actually go to the party. Thanks then to our photographer Neil Stoddart, who is as reliable a party attendee as ever there has been on the European Poker Tour. Here's what he saw through his lens:


It might not look much from the inside...


...but it was better inside


Scott Seiver regales Steve O'Dwyer with an anecdote that appears to be about fishing but probably wasn't


Sarah Grant and Kristy Arnett of PokerStars.tv


George Danzer and Jan Heitmann look at a phone


James Hartigan and Justyna Baron of EPTLive.com fame. And PokerStarsBlog.hurdygury's Lina Olofsson


Tell me, what first attracted you to the free bar?


Sandra Naujoks and Tobias Reinkemeier



Meanwhile don't forget the way to follow our main event coverage. There's hand-by-hand stuff, including chip counts, in the panel at the top of the main EPT Berlin page. There will be feature pieces below that panel, including updates from the side events. EPT Live is now live. And everything to do with the European Poker Tour is on the European Poker Tour site.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour