EPT9 Berlin: Tuomas Nurmi picks up a short-handed €41,000

Tuomas Nurmi has joined the ranks of players here in Berlin making a career-best score. Nurmi picked up €41,000, the largest chunk of a four-way deal. Well-known Spanish player Ana Marquez came close to the big money but bust in 6th place for €7,570, while coin-tosser Cengiz Ulusu picked up a smaller €3,400 score.

Plenty of action yet to play out on this EPT Berlin tournament schedule.

EPT9 Berlin, event #32
Date: 25 April 2013
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE short-handed
Players: 166
Prize pool: €161,020


Tuomas Nurmi

1. Tuomas Nurmi, Finland, €41,000*
2. Philipp Hochhuth, Germany, €21,828*
3. Maximilian Senft, Austria, €19,876*
4. Jonas Ten Cate, Netherlands, €19,256*
5. Andrei Konopelko, Belarus, €9,660
6. Ana Marquez, Spain, €7,570
7. Samuli Sipila, Finland, €5,900
8. Martin Gaudig, Germany, €4,350
9. Mikhail Motseev, Russia, €3,400
10. Cengiz Can Ulusu, Turkey, €3,400
11. Ferdinando Calenda, Germany, €3,050
12. Igor Pihela, Estonia, €3,050
13. Rasmus Agerskov, Denmark, €2,730
14. Jakub Michalak, Poland, €2,730
15. Pascal Hartmann, Germany, €2,410
16. Vachid Styrz, Germany, €2,410
17. Mohamed Harrouchy, Belgium, €2,100
18. Jonas Lauck, Germany, €2,100
19. Rhys Jones, UK, €2,100
20. Teemu Autio, Finland, €2,100

*relates to four-handed deal.

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