EPT9 Deauville Day 1B: Rogues' gallery

Day 1B is really taking shape, with 475 players registered added to the 307 from yesterday. Those numbers will be confirmed in due course, but it looks like we have close to 800 players.

Among the Day 1B field are this little lot pictured below (plus the EPT President) and each of whom appears here above a quote that may or may not belong to them. See if you can guess the real quotes and those that I have made up.

Here is the Day 1B rogues' gallery:


Edgar Stuchly, EPT President: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to EPT Deauville!"

bruno_fitoussi_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgBruno Fitoussi: "I saw the socket and put my finger in it."

davidi_kitai_ept9_deaville_day1b.jpgDavidi Kitai: "I will be the first double EPT champion."

elky_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgElkY: "Allez Francais!"

fatima_moreira_de_melo_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgFatima Moreira de Melo: "#PardonMyFrench"

gaelle_baumann_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgGaelle Baumann: "I would rather win EPT Deauville than the WSOP."

luca_moschitta_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgTeam Online's Luca Moschitta: "Actually, I prefer live poker"

luke_schwartz_freddy_deeb_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgLuke Schwartz: "#!*?!" Freddy Deeb: "lol"

pierre_neuville_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgPierre Neuville: "Actually I ski-ed here."

toni_judet_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgToni Judet: "This is the year of the Romanians!"

vicky_coren_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgVictoria Coren: "Not having much luck in Deauville - but then, I NEVER do. I just keep coming back because it's so pretty."

sandra_naujoks_ept9_deauville_day1b.jpgSandra Naujoks: "I bet you thought these photos had been put in in alphabetical order."

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour