EPT9 Deauville Day 5: We need eight for the final table, candidates apply here

Hello everybody and welcome to Day 5 of the European Poker Tour season nine main event from Deauville. We finished yesterday's double-quick day with only 23 players, and the target now is to lose another 15 to leave us with our final table of eight.

There is €770,000 on the line for the winner, significantly more than the €23,000 paid to the next man out. It now starts to get really serious.

Here are the players still in with a shout of adding EPT Champion to their resume:

(Table, seat, name, country, chips)

1 1 Fernand Michelet France 534,000
1 2 James Mitchell UK 990,000
1 3 Joseph El Khoury Lebanon 935,000
1 4 Yury Gulyy Russia 713,000
1 5 Jean Pierre Petroli France 770,000
1 6 Aurelien Guiglini France 1,671,000
1 7 Pascal Aznar France 706,000
1 8 Glen Cymbaluk Canada 1,100,000

2 1 Noel Gaens Belgium 443,000
2 2 Cyril Andre France 2,108,000
2 3 Walid Bou Habbib Lebanon 676,000
2 4 Enrico Rudelitz Germany 1,100,000
2 5 Matthieu Herve France 1,194,000
2 6 Freerk Post Netherlands 682,000
2 7 Romeo Robert Belgium 972,000
2 8 Gordon Huntly UK 1,015,000

3 1 Hugo Pingray France 1,864,000
3 2 Eilert Eilertsen Norway 1,000,000
3 3 Joseph Mouawad Lebanon 886,000
3 4 Jeffrey Hakim Lebanon 474,000
3 5 Remi Castaignon France 1,997,000
3 6 Franck Kalfon France 645,000
3 7 Eric Sfez France 883,000

There aren't many of the game's biggest names among them, but there are some players who have proven that they can really play.

James Mitchell has been on the EPT Live feature table for long periods, and he seems to be in awesome form. Jeffrey Hakim is the best known of a strong Lebanese contingent, last season's "Country of the Year" showing their mettle once again. The Joseph Mouawad still in is not the same Joseph Mouawad who won in London in season three, but he has inherited some of the obduracy of his namesake.

But the top five players in the chip counts are all French, making some of us cynics eat our words as to the competency of the locals here. We may have expected most of them to have bust by now, but the home players are demonstrating that they too have a keen grasp on this game.


Cyril Andre, chip leader

Cyril Andre may have two first names, but he did the business yesterday - including busting the last remaining former champion Lucien Cohen. Can the "rat killer" take on the rest of these rodents? There's only one way to find out.


Here's how PokerStars.tv set up the day:


Throughout the day, our live coverage will be on the EPT Deauville main event page. And you can also watch it on EPT Live on PokerStars.tv. But there's also the High Roller playing its second day simultaneously. Tune in to that too.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour