EPT9 Grand Final: Cheeky little ten kay

The flame that has burned all week in Monaco is flickering now, on its way to being extinguished. We are definitely entering the final stages of proceedings here in the Principality, although there are still small pockets of embers glowing, refusing to give in to the inevitable.

One of them is the €10,000 six-handed turbo event that started today in the cavernous Salle des Etoiles. You are already in a niche group if you can afford €10,000 to play a turbo, and that goes double if you can afford €10,000 to play a turbo on the last day of a poker festival in Monaco, where it costs a huge chunk just to stay here for one night.


Lights going down in Monaco

It means that the 17 players so far registered really are the cream of the crop. They are mostly players who have already busted from the Super High Roller event, who got their hotel stay paid for by virtue of their entry into that €100,000 tournament. Another €10,000 to these guys is really not very much at all, and most of them are really good friends. There's a rare camaraderie among them and there's a really excellent atmosphere in the room today, even if it is practically empty.

Just to run through those tables, on one sits Fabian Quoss, Tom Marchese, Daniel Stern and Justin Bonomo. Alongside them are Andrew Chen, Tony Gregg, Mike McDonald, Thomas Wahlroos and Dan Smith. Then there's Senh Ung, Isaac Haxton, Andrew Lichetenberger, Jonathan Duhamel, Paul Newey and Mike Watson. The latter busted from the final table of the Super High Roller and hopped straight in.

Arguably this is a more difficult line up even than the event Watson just left. There really aren't any weak spots, and the format is going to suit the hyper aggression of all those guys. Our focus of course will still be on the Super High Roller -- read hand-by-hand updates, and watch on EPT Live -- but also stand by for a report from this friendly little €10K.

All the other side event reports also make for some tremendous reading.