EPT9 Grand Final: Greg 'River Prayer' Byard celebrates his 5,000,000 VPP milestone with a turbo win in Monaco

Greg Byard is a name that you might not recognise given that he's really not played that many live tournaments. Sure he managed a 30th finish at the PCA 2008 ($32,000) and a 34th in the WSOP Main Event a few months later ($193,000), but live poker just ain't his bag. Online poker though, that is. Byard plays under the name 'River Prayer' and has recently ticked past the 5,000,000 mark on his VPPometer.

As if breaking an online landmark wasn't enough, Byard took down a €550 turbo for €21,400. That trophy will nice on the desk, no matter whether it's in San Diego or Tijuana... We set Sarah Grant from PokerStars.tv onto him to find out more.

EPT9 Monaco, event #19
Date: 9 May, 2013
Buy-in: €550
Game: NLHE turbo
Players: 136
Prize pool: €65,960


Greg 'River Prayer' Byard

1. Greg Byard, USA, €21,400
2. Patrice Biton, France, €11,800
3. Ander Ramirez, Spain, €7,200
4. Siarhei Sharkota, Belarus, €5,200
5. Max Silver, UK, €4,300
6. Ionut Laurentiu Trifu, Romania, €3,400
7. Michael Reubi, Switzerland, €2,650
8. Danjard Christophe, France, €1,970
9. Sebastien Didier, France, €1,520
10. Laurent Polito, France, €1,520
11. Vallo Maidla, Estonia, €1,310
12. Victoria Gromova, United States, €1,310
13. Peter Jetten, Canada, €1,190
14. Georges Yazbeck, Lebanon, €1,190

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