EPT9 Grand Final: Irina Batorevich wins the women's event for €10,300

Irina Batorevich has been busy racking up results around Europe and her €10,300 chop here in Monaco takes her close to $200,000 in live winnings. Good work, Irina.

EPT9 Monaco, event #28
Date: 11-12 May, 2013
Buy-in: €1,100
Game: NLHE
Players: 35
Prize pool: €33,950


Irina Batorevich

1. Irina Batorevich, Czech Rep, €10,300*
2. Anna Yamshchikova, Russia, €10,300*
3. Elanur Dikilitas, Netherlands, €4,750
4. Shana Claire Matthews, USA, €3,500
5. Carla Solinas, Italian, €2,730
6. Maria Maddalene Desenzani, Italian, €2,370

*relates to heads-up deal.

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